Cabinet of Golda Meir

Cabinet of Golda Meir will be facing with various kinds of crises, from clashes with neighbouring Arabian countries to political struggles. With the absence of the newly passed, former prime minister Levi Eshkol; Golda Meir Cabinet, focusing to survival in the middle of the ocean of enemies, will be trying to find its place during the Cold War era while hoping to being able to look out for the Jewish minorities inside of the two blocks.

Claims on over all Sinai, threats to the oil trade, pressures from international communities and activites of terrorist groups; all and more of them are ready to trigger fatal crisis situations for Golda Meir and her cabinet. Is Israeli cabinet ready to defend itself? Will Israel stay united during extreme conditions? Will members manage to make their country survive? All of them will be answered by members' short and long term policies and responds to the crises, during their time in Cabinet of Golda Meir.