The Council of the European Union

The Council of the European Union was established in 1958 with the name of the Council of the European Economic Community. It works as the decision-making body of the EU together with the EU Parliament and it is currently located in Brussels, Belgium. The Council negotiates and adopts the laws of the EU in accordance with the proposals of the European Commission, develops the foreign and security policy of the EU based on the European Council guidelines, coordinates the policies of the countries in the EU, and lastly adopts the annual EU budget. During the phases of the adoption of the EU laws and the annual EU budget, it works in collaboration with the EU Parliament.

The Government ministers authorized on the policy area of the discussions constitute the members of the Council of the EU. On that matter, the Council plays the role of a platform that the EU member governments can express their voices as well.

The Council of the European Union
Agenda Item 1: Migration Policy
Agenda Item 2: Criminal Justice in Cyberspace
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