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21-25 August 2017

Welcome Letter

It is such an exquisite honour for me to welcome you all as the Secretary-General of Model United Nations Istanbul Conference 2017.I’m a proud member of Yeditepe Model United Nations club for the last three years and I’m grateful that I’ve learned so much from the people who had glorified the former editions of MUNIST. Inspired by the legacy of eight years, the family meets again where the continents meet.

Aroused by the passion to rewrite history, influence the future and bring solutions to today’s problems of security, justice, human rights, and development, the MUNIST 2017 will simulate nine committees, composed of crisis cabinets, special bodies and intergovernmental organizations. This year, we have challenged ourselves to excel the academic and organizational quality and we dare you to join us in this journey.

We are tremendously thrilled to present you the committees of MUNIST 2017. The Joint Crisis Cabinet: Russo Japanese War will rewind to 1904 and let you rewrite the challenge of East by West.The Joint Crisis Cabinet: United States of America Prohibition of 1927 will give you a chance to choose your side, to fight against the most vigorous crime lord or to join the Chicago Outfit. Cabinet of Golda Meir will show you the dark side of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the consequently, the Cold War between the Great Powers. The experts of the United Nations Expert Panel on Sokovia will bring legislation to limit the power of the enhanced individuals to protect mankind from another disaster. Historical General Assembly will negotiate to preserve Earth. Council of European Union will decide on the next steps of EU by making policies related to foreign affairs and security. The Futuristic World Health Organization will save the mankind from a mysterious pandemic while the United Nations Security Council will be dealing with highly demanding challenges and fluid situations. Last, but not least, the participants of the European Court of Justice, will ensure the uniform and right application of European Union Law in European Union member States.

I would like to conclude my letter by expressing my deepest gratitude to the people whom I feel lucky to call my team and particularly, a very special lady that is my companion in this journey, Ms. Ege Sürek. I also would like thank the dedicated operations team led by Director-General Mr. Onuralp Acar and his deputy Mr. Kadir Şentürk. We wish that you will have a unique experience.

For one more time, let’s meet where the continents meet!
Merve Noyan
Secretary-General of MUNIST 2017

Model United Nations Istanbul

Meet where the continents meet!

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Istanbul, The City That Connects Two Continents

Istanbul has hosted as a capital city for four different empires: the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire. As a result of this, the city lets you smell the history in every corner. Along with its extensive historical landmarks, it is also one of the most enchanting cities in the world with it's astonishing views, mind blowing nightlife and exquisite food varieties.



There is a rumor about MUNIST; something like discovering your own fun, unforgettable memories, endless friendships, lots of surprise activities and lots of humorous time. Why do not come and live this passion? Make your own discovery, there are still something wait to be found. Find it! Is it a rumor or a humor?



In this century one of the most popular words is 'Networking', in other words networking is the new black. According to Stanley Milgram's 'Six Degrees of Separation Theory', you can reach the person you want to contact on average six steps (via six people). The most important thing about the theory is finding true people to reach to person you want to contact. Then, you can communicate with Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth or Travis Fimmel. As MUNIST Team, we believe to power of networking and we are excited to meet you at MUNIST'17. Who knows, maybe we join our forces and we can reach to Rihanna or Warren Buffett.

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